Terms & Conditions

Please view the information below for all you need to know before placing an order with Fiesta Party Renal! ALL clients MUST sign the document before finalizing any order.

Fiesta Party Rental Contract Agreement

This agreement has been produced in order to protect the interest o7f Fiesta Party Rental LLC and its clients. This document should be read, signed, and approved by the individual receiving the services provided by Fiesta Party Rental LLC. Preceding to signing this document the representative from Fiesta party Rental LLC should clarify the terms and conditions of the services rendered to the client. During this time, the representative from Fiesta Party Rental should address any additional questions, regarding the services that the client might have. The client should not sign the agreement if both parties have not come to a rapport with the service being rendered.

Terms and Conditions:

Summary of Contract

This contract or agreement should state the following information in order to validate Fiesta Party Rental agreements:

Section I- Invoice terms

Section II- Location Conditions

Section III-Rental Policy

Section IIII- Pick Up Policy

Section IV- Minimum Rental Policy

Section V- Payment Policy

Section VI- Equipment Damages and Lost Items Policy

Section VII- Tent Considerations

Section VIII- Linen Considerations

Invoice Terms

The invoice should include the following information in order to be valid:

  • Customer’s name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Address of the location( for Delivery purposes only)

  • Quantity and description of the services being rendered

  • Date & time for delivery or pick up

  • A brief description of our rental and payment policies

  • Any accommodations or additional services

Location Conditions

Residence: An additional fee will be imposed if the equipment needs to be carried past the main floor or 144 ft. square foot from the main entrance. The fee may vary between $15-$25 depending on how many flights of stairs that crew members will need to go up.


If there is a freight elevator or ramp that accommodates our dolly, this fee will be waived.

Commercial venue designated for events: If the event is held at a Banquet Hall, Loft, or any kind of a special event venue, we need to know the following information:

  1. Does the venue require any special permits or insurance?

  2. Does the venue have a freight elevator? If so, we need to be informed of any special specifications in regards to the elevator (if any).

  3. What is the best entrance to the venue? Is it the rear, the alley, or the front of the venue? (We have a dolly, so if you could please tell us whether it would fit through the halls, we would really appreciate that!)

Outside/Open Areas: Please provide us with any specific instructions needed for arriving at the location such as,  any rerouting in the area, construction, blockage–anything that would make the delivery smother. If it is a park, please advise us of any restrictions or make the proper accommodations.

Rental Policy

Under the rental policy, we specify the hours that Fiesta Party Rental LLC allows the lessee to utilize the equipment

  • Delivery services- The rental is for the entire day and will be picked up the next day.

  • Pick up services- In order to pick up the equipment, the lessee will need to show proof of the ordered book, along with an ID.

Pick up and Drop off Times & Location

Pick up: 9 am-12 pm

Drop off: 9 am-12 pm

2206 N. Laramie Avenue,

Chicago, Il, 60639

Minimum Rental:  

The minimum rental needed to secure equipment with Fiesta Party Rent per client is 25 chairs or 20 chairs and 2 tables. Anything less, the order would be refused.

Payment Policy:

We now accept the following forms of payment; cash, check, and credit cards ( online processing or PayPal). If the preferred method utilized by the client is via credit card; the payment must be processed prior to the delivery date. However, a check or cash can be provided by the client upon delivery. Please reference the invoice for specific information in regards to the payment options.

Equipment Damages and Lost Items Policy

Upon agreeing to the rental of the equipment from Fiesta Party Rental, the agreement is contingent on the following equipment damages and lost items policy:

If the equipment is lost or damaged and it affects the presentation or functionality of the item, Fiesta Party Rental has the right to penalize the client. Fiesta Party Rental may penalize the client for partial value or, in most cases, the full value of the item that is lost or damaged. The client will be required to provide their credit card information (which will be on file for our protection).

Tent Considerations:

Fiesta Party Rental offers residential tent rentals only. It is advisable that you contact AAA Rental or premium tent rental services for festivals, big weddings, or events that are held in public areas such as open fields.

– Rooftops: Our tents are not suitable for rooftop spaces. No exceptions.

Fiesta party Rental‘s tent rental services are suitable under the following conditions:

  • Tents can only be installed on grass or concrete (which makes them suitable for the backyard and parking spaces only)

  • They accommodate a maximum capacity of 120 people

  • Tents sides can be open or fully enclosed, perfect for any weather condition

  • The maximum tent size that Fiesta Party Rental offers is a 30’ x 60’ tent

  • Lights and Side panels are considered add-ons. Ask a representative for further details. 

Warning: In the case of wind that exceeds 20mph, Fiesta Party Rental will need to refund the set up of the tent

  • Tent Package Specifications:

    10 x 10 Pop-ups

       •Our 10 x 10 package is designed to accommodate 10- 16 guests. It is suitable for up to 2 round tables and 16 chairs –or– 1 8-foot table and 10 chairs.

    10 x 20 Tent

    • Our 10 x 20 package is designed to accommodate 18- 24 guests. It is suitable for up to 3 round tables and 24 chairs –or– 2 8-foot tables and 18 chairs.

    20 x 20 Tent

    • Our 20 x 20 package can accommodate up to 40 people. It is suitable for up to 4 round tables and 32 chairs –or–5 8-foot tables and 40 chairs.

    20 x 30 Tent

    • Our 20 x 30 package can accommodate up to 56 people. It is suitable for up to 6 round tables and 48 chairs –or– 7 8-foot tables and 56 chairs.

    20 x 40 Tent

    • Our 20 x 40 package can accommodate up to 100 people. It is suitable for up to 8 round tables and 64 chairs –or– 9 8′ tables and 72 chairs.

    20 x 50 Tent

    • Our 20 x 50 package can accommodate up to 80 people. It is suitable for up to 9 round tables and 72 chairs –or– 10 8′ tables and 80 chairs.

    30 x 60 Tent

    • Our 30 x 60  package can accommodate up to 128 people. It is suitable for up to 15 round tables and 120 chairs or 16 8-foot tables and 128 chairs.

Cancellation Policy:

A 60% penalty will be imposed on the client if she cancels the party package a week prior to the event date.

If the client decides to cancel the party package a week or on the day of (before or after we arrive at the location), the client will be liable for the tent’s full payment.

– Listed below are the tent penalty amounts:

  • 60% of the party package is due if cancellation occurs a week before

  • 100% of the party package is due if cancellation occurs two days prior to the event


In order for clients to book rental services with Fiesta Party Rental, rendered under the contract, 40% of the order is required to book and secure the date of the client’s event. Failure to submit the payment will result in the cancelation of the entire order.

The remaining amount of the order is due upon arrival on the day of the event. Both parties must come to a written or oral agreement on the payment arrangement.

NOTE: The deposit can be utilized towards the cancellation fee

The contract ends here. If submitting an order, the FPR representative is permitted to have the client read, sign, and date a physical copy of the contract in order to validate any order.

In-store credit:

If a client postpones the event date, an in-store credit receipt will be issued. The client is eligible to utilize the in-store credit receipt at any point in the future. The client needs to provide proof of the in-store credit receipt in order to validate it.


Also, please review the section below regarding Fiesta Party Rental’s Inventory

Linen Considerations:

Fiesta Party Rental currently carries a limited amount of linen in inventory. Please review the linen consideration section to verify that we carry the linen that suits your needs:

Currently, Fiesta Party Rental does not carry linen that fits the following table types:

  • Highboys/ cocktail tables

  • Square tables

  • 72” round

  • 5’ Long

  • 6’ Long

The tablecloths/linen and sizes that Fiesta Party Rental currently carries are listed below:

  • White: 60″, 8′, 6′

  • Black: 60″, 8′, 6′

  • Eggplant: 60″, 8′, 6′

Runners and Overlays: Please refer to www.fprchicago.com for specific colors of table runners and overlays

Chairs Covers: Fiesta Party Rental currently only carries he following colored chair covers in inventory

  • White

  • Black

  • Ivory

Material specifications:

  • Tablecloths: Polyester

  • Chair covers: polyester & spandex

  • Runners, overlays, & sashes: embroider & satin

Thank you for your time! If you have any additional questions/concerns, please feel free to address them with your FPR representative.