How it works

Delivery & pickup services:

We provide delivery and pickup services that are flexible and accommodating to each specific event. Our delivery and pickup services include:

* same day pickup 

*surprise party drop-off/same day drop-off 

*prior day drop-off/ day after pickup

Delivery and pickup options:

*Same day pickup- $160 plus

The same day pickup and drop-off is suited for venues or locations which lack a place to store the equipment overnight. Some venues will require for the items to be dropped off and picked up the same day. 

How to choose the date

When choosing your rental date; consider the date and time, you would need the items dropped off and picked up.  For example, if the venue allows for a 12pm set up and 7pm pickup. You will have to choose- 

Calendar Option:  1-Day Rental/ Choose the date

Checkout- Same day pickup 

*Same day Drop-off/ accommodation is based on availability: Choose the start time of the event. We typically drop off at least 3 hours prior to your event. If your event starts prior to 11:30am, please consider having the items dropped-off a day prior. There is no extra charge if the equipment is dropped off a day prior. See Day prior drop off/day after pickup for more information on the pickup. 

*Day prior drop off/ day after pickup:

This option allows to have the equipment to be delivered a day prior and pickup a day after the event. There is no additional fee involved in either the pickup and drop-off. However, there are specific rules for the drop-off and pickup that you must follow.

Drop-off- You can choose either a morning or afternoon drop off. 

Pickup: Our priority is to deliver the equipment of the day. Most days, our pickup activities start after 11am.

In order to ensure a day prior drop-off/ day after pickup, is chosen; 

Calendar: 3 day rental/ Choose date 

If you must expedite or assign an specific time for pickup or delivery, please communicate this information to our representatives at [email protected]. There is an accommodation fee involved of $60, per service. 

Pickup Services:

There is a deposit for the rental if you are picking up and dropping off equipment. The deposit is reimbursed when you bring back the equipment. Deposit for chairs and tables is a standard 
$50. More valuable items, might have a higher deposit amount. Please allow a 48 hours deposit return.